Property Inspections
To protect the owner’s investment, we afford the maximum protection to your property. Frequent drive-bys are made to observe that property exteriors are well maintained on the outside, and periodic internal inspections, as authorized by the tenants lease agreement, are made by our property management representatives. When inconsistencies are noted, tenants are notified to take necessary corrective action. Annual inspections are made for each property, plus each tenant completes a move-in report to insure a proper record of the property’s condition.

Setting Rental Rates
Rent rates are negotiated to the highest possible level depending on market conditions, quality of the tenant, length of the lease, type of property, and the time of year. Setting proper rental rates and maintaining a strong marketing effort has allowed us to exceed a 95% occupancy rate.


Attracting Qualified Tenants and Screening Applicants
One of the most valuable services performed is the checking of a tenants’ background. Credit, employment, criminal, financial status, current and past landlords, and employers are all verified. We use a third party company that specializes in this area because we want reliable and qualified tenants just as much as you do. We pride ourselves on the quality of tenants we are able to secure.

Collection of Rents & Deposits
Rents are sent to the property owner monthly unless an expense prevents mailing all funds. Tenants who have not paid their rent by the 5th of the month are sent a late notice. Although evictions are rare, Tallahassee Management & Leasing Group, LLC. will expedite the removal of a tenant from the property as quickly as the law allows.

Accounting Services
Property owner checks and computer generated statements are distributed on the 10th of each month. An annual end-of-year accounting is provided to each property owner for tax reporting. Property owners should check with their accountant to verify the tax advantages when owning rental property. Copies of all work orders and receipts are provided with your statements and additional copies are held in our files. We can deposit your check directly to your bank account if desired.

Scheduling Maintenance & Repairs
To keep owner maintenance costs to a minimum we use licensed, qualified, reasonably priced personnel who get the job done properly. We deal with this daily so we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete. Property maintenance is carefully monitored. This allows us to insure first class service, at competitive rates. Making sure it’s done right the first time.